Terms Of Services
Terms Of Services
1. You must have your own wapsite.
2. Adult Site are Allowed.
3. You Cannot create multiple account.
4. You Can Redirect To your referral link through your site.
5. You can not use your ads (referral) link in wapka forum.
6. We count hits from personal wapsite not from facebook, wapka forum, twitter etc. If we get hits from facebook , twitter etc. then your account may be blocked.
7. You can use your referral link in your multiple site so no need to create multiple account for different site.
8. You can change your Text link and Banner link as you want.
9. This service is provided free of cost. We reserve full rights to change, delete or add any thing including user accounts.
10. In case we find that your site is against our rules we reserve your account at any time without warning or notice.
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