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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What is
A. HitCoin is Visitors Exchange network.
Q. There are many Traffic Exchangers in the market. Why should I join
A. HitCoin is the Pioneer Visitors Exchange network. We at HitCoin Provide 100% Organic Visitors Exchange with BONUS Traffic. Our Advanced Country, Browser, Device & OS Targeting System is best combination for highest conversions in your "Site's Visitor Type". Join HitCoin if you want to Boost your site's traffic!
Q. Can I post ads on multiple sites?
A. Yes, you can post ads but you have to register the sites with your HitCoin account.
Q. What is the Exchange Ratio in HitCoin
A. HitCoin maintains 1:1 Visitor Exchange Ratio. You earn 1 Point for each visitor you send to HitCoin. You spend 1 Point for each visitor that HitCoin sends to your site.
Q. I liked HitCoin. Will I get bonus if I refer my friends to HitCoin?
A. Yes! You get 10 Points per valid user you refer us via your unique referral link.
Q. HitCoin runs affiliate program for which users gets 10 Points. How 1:1 traffic exchange good holds for this?
A. The new user you refer us has to send 10 visitors before he/she can start advertising with HitCoin. This visitors are added in the exchange system as compensation for the 10 Points that HitCoin rewarded to the referrer.
Q. HitCoin also allows advertisers to buy visitors without having to sent visitors. This cannot hold 1:1 visitors exchange. How about that?
A. HitCoin is Visitors Exchange network. You earn 1 Point for sending a visitor & spend 1 Point for receiving a visitor. Hence you receive equal quantity of visitors of that you send to HitCoin. Moreover, we allow 70-30 Ratio for Free Ads and Paid Ads. That means from 100 visitors that HitCoin delivers 70 visitors are sent to Publishers who publish HitCoin Ads in their sites & 30 visitors are sent to Advertisers who have purchased visitors from HitCoin.
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