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Case Study
How HitCoin.IN works?
* HitCoin.IN collects traffic from its publisher say XYZ and sends to advertiser say ABC.
* For each visitor XYZ sends to Hitcoin he/she earns 1 Hitcoin Point.
* For each visitor ABC receives to his site he/she spends 1 Hitcoin Point.
* This loop continues for all publishers and advertisers randomly.
* We have strong ad filter system so if XYZ user is created an ad then it will be not visible on XYZ's site that ad will visible to all other Hitcoin users site except XYZ.
* The visitors sent by XYZ will return to XYZ's site since they know the site.
* The visitors received by ABC are new visitors for ABC's site.
* In this way Hitcoin helps its users to Boost their Traffic!
HitCoin.IN Features:
* 1:1 Traffic Exchange
* You can send traffic from any country & device
* You can target any country & device you want
* Minimum 10 Hitcoin Points Required to start advertising
* Double Click Protection
* Adult Sites Allowed!
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